Colour Space


Status: No Download, Findability: 0/5

Originally billed as the sequel to Psychedelia, Colourspace took Jeff Minter’s light show program to another level… but only on the Atari (and BBC we think..). The amazing limitless abilities to create various light effects to accompany your music collection was very engaging stuff and you could even save your shows and play them back.

Jeff felt that it was the perfect program to demonstrate the capabilities of the Atari, and so no C64 version was originally planned.

That all seemed to change when Zzap #23 had a news item about a C64 conversion…

“Jeff is re-creating the successor to Psychadelia for the good old CBM. In fact the result will outdo earlier versions of Colourspace – LIGHTSYNTH development is ongoing.”

Although lacking on colour compared with the Atari, two years after the original version… Jeff felt he could better the Atari version on the C64.

Sadly the news item was the last that was ever heard about the conversion, and the idea faded into obscurity.

Today, Jeff is quite prominant on the net and a lot of his titles feature for download… but Colour Space strangely does not exist in download or even word.

We spoke with Jeff in 2013, who said:

“In the end we just went for the 16-bitters when it came to developing CS further, they were more powerful and colourful.”

And that was that – no C64 version was actually produced, and thus it is case closed!

Contributions: Andrew Fisher, Jeff Minter

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