Commando Libya – part 2

Robert Pfitzner

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

A very short entry, for a controversial title.

Commando Libya had a simple aim of just gunning people down as they went across the screen. It caused a bit of an outcry on the C64 scene in 1986 as a result.

The full title of the first game was Commando Libya Part 1, which suggests there should have been a second part to the game. This was never released though, so we are wondering perhaps if the game got canned after the reception to the first part?

Time will tell!

Contributions: Fabrizio Bartoloni

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  1. Heh, definitely remember that one. It was obscure enough in the US. that I would’ve never heard about it if not for finding it on a local BBS. It was certainly shocking compared to what was available then, though no one would think twice about it today.

    Well, there was the part where you entered your initials that involved using a guillotine. That might still raise an eyebrow or two.

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