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When we couldn’t get Super Mario Bros on the C64, we instead had Great Giana Sisters or Terry’s Big Adventure, and they were lovely attempts at getting something similar. Of course, now we actually have a proper conversion of SMB on the C64, but none-the-less, its still great to look at the clones that were attempted.

Crazy Carson Cousins is yet another attempt, done back in 2015 and although being nothing like Super Mario Bros, and more like Hunchback in its gameplay – it has that familiar look/feel to it (albeit in a more simplistic way).

It’s quite a fun little game which seems to be fairly advanced, but nothing more has happened with it since. It is lacking proper sound and bosses, which the coder was to add in the future – but hasn’t got round to it yet.

Interestingly the game was written in C and compiled for the C64, and there is also a sequel which you can see at and also seems to have been abandoned sadly.

Hopefully both games will be finished off and released in the future.

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