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"Denizen is the ultimate combat experience!!!

Denizen features hoards of rampaging, hostile alien life forms and mutations, amazingly detailed backdrops and fantastic gameplay."

That was the description detailed inside a C64 game inlay when advertising other titles in the Players range. Denizen is a Alien Syndrome clone of sorts, and it is believed that the game was due for a release on the C64. The Spectrum version did manage to surface, but the C64 never did.

You can find the Spectrum conversion over at

It is believed that Paul Griffiths coded the Spectrum version, and Mike Brown handled the C64 conversion. The same Mike Brown we think did The Search For Sharla.

We need confirmation that a conversion was underway, but early evidence suggests that something was brewing with this game. Was it a Spectrum port that went wrong?… We hope to find out soon enough…

More soon we hope on this title….

Contributions: Marco Das

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