Horace & The Spiders

Melbourne House

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

The third and final part of the Horace trilogy was sadly never to be on the C64. Indeed the game was planned, but it kind of fell by the wayside, and as far as we know… nothing was ever actually started, even though a C64 conversion was mentioned once a in a C64 magazine (We are guessing pure speculation, and no fact).

Even though Spectrum versions did manage to make it out, by the time any C64 version was contemplated, the game was seen as quite dated, as Gregg Barnett explains:

"I don’t think this was seriously considered as a C64 port. Things had moved on by then – we’d done Fist and ported the Hobbit, both mega sellers compared to the Horace games. It was clear that bigger things could be done on the 64. Hence Horace was fondly retired, a game series that belonged in the early days of home computer games."

So was maybe a sprite ported, or anything of the game started?… Gregg does not know, but its widely believed that a conversion never got anywhere apart from a possible planned conversion.

Maybe someone will port the Spectrum game in modern times, but this is one official game we are likely never to see…

Case closed…

Contributions: Gregg Barnett

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