Dempsey & Makepeace

Britannia Software

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Yet another licensed game which never made it, but a more low key company had this title. The game was previewed in an issue of Commodore User magazine in 1986.

All that is known about this game is that in the game you have a limited time to locate and rescue your partner who has been captured and is being held somewhere in the area of London.

There were planned Driving and shooting sequences combined with some 3D exploration sections in the search for clues required to complete your mission.

You could get a high rating by not only rescuing your partner, but also by doing things in quick time and while solving other crimes on the way.

Overall the game sounds quite promising, though nothing was ever seen apart from the advert. And Britannia software didn’t seem to sound like a major software developer name. So maybe they went under before the title could be released?

Who knows, but currently GTW knows nothing much else about this title, apart from the fact that the Amstrad version did manage to sneak out!…

Time will hopefully tell…

Contributions: LeeT, Sean O'Neil, Peter Weighill

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Update history

  • 12/11/15 – Confirmation of an Amstrad version existing
  • 20/07/15 – Scans added thanks to Sean O’Neil
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