Dragon’s Lair: Timewarp


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Well, there was rumours of Space Ace being converted to the C64 by Empire, which were confirmed… but we can also reveal that a deal was being hammered out with Sullivan Bluth to bring Dragons Lair: Timewarp to the C64!!

Negotiations were going on at the time, but it seems things were too late for the C64 and the idea may have been scrapped early on. Just how the conversion would have shaped up is anyone’s guess, but it would have likely been similiar to the older Dragon’s Lair format done by Software Projects… but then we feel that Wrath of the Demon could have been an indication of how the game could have been designed by taking on its engine in someway.

It seems its also unreleased on later platforms up until around 1995… http://www.dragonslairfans.com/flyers/dl2/dl2down.jpg

Very early days on this one, but we hope to have a lot more information on the proposed conversion soon, including possibly some documentation on what was being planned. We do not believe this was related to the redoing of the old sequel which also has an entry here.

More soon on this one…

Contributions: Fabrizio Bartoloni

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