Drax – Evilblood


Status: Preview, Findability: 5/5

Two games essentially, but we’ve decided to create just the one entry for this one. Drax – Evilblood was produced mostly for fun it seems in its first instance, developed by Mark Gallagher with Ed Campbell on graphics.

Previously the game was not known about until Ramos gave GTW a heads up and pointed us in the direction of Mark’s website which had the downloads.

The game is fairly simple, and has you controlling a guy who has to kick and destroy various small creatures across a horizontally bi-directionally scrolling game. It reminds me a bit of Chameleon by Electric Dreams in some ways. The early version looks pretty dated, but its the remixed edition which really starts looking very nice indeed.

The remixed edition features most of the titles and intro credit screens of the first game, but contains a set of (we think) previously unheard tunes from Andrew (Drew) Rodger and a vastly improved set of graphics, including a lovely hi-res overlaid main character. Controls (like in the first iteration) are quite clunky and the game is not going to blow you away, but its great to see this hard work preserved. We believe that overall the remixed game is mostly complete, but still in a preview status (Hence why we are listing it as a preview). Ian Coog has kindly done some tidy ups and those two trained versions have been added to the zip.

Surely all of this work was meant for something commercially?…. It seems that this was a game being developed in the hope that a software house (Budget maybe?) would pick it up and release, but Mark confirms it wasn’t and was done purely for fun.

Well worth checking out!….

Contributions: Ramos, Mark Gallagher, Ian Coog

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