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A short entry for a title that was due out by the demo crew turned game development team – Ambush . More details on them can be found at https://csdb.dk/group/?id=768

The game was described in an issue of Commodore Tribune, with you having to climb to the top of the World Trade Center by using different elevaotrs going up and down. You’d have to watch out for monsters running around the building and must collect health, bombs and different letters which will form words for some nasty effects.

It isn’t known if the game was actually started or if this was just a plan on paper.

The game was likely cancelled due to very poor sales of games on the C64 at the time, which was a particularly dark period for the machine as a whole. It would be good if something could be recovered to show though.

Do you know anything more about the development?

Contributions: Marco 'Exile' Das

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