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Enemy or NME was a side scrolling shooter that was graphically awesome according to project manager Darren Melborne.

This was a game to be based upon the R-Type inspired mechanical/organic style of the day the title featured great graphics and an outstanding multi plexar.

This particular game got to the demo stages and was looking rather cool, until for whatever reasons (still unknown), it was unreleased and scrapped at an early demo stage.

We have been speaking with the programmer, Stuart Cook and sadly doesn’t believe he has anything of the game- its also been well over 20 years and details about the game are very sketchy as memories begin to fade.

Could the remains be found? Well, as we wait to see if Stuart can find anything – we got processing some disks from Darren Melbourne in early December 2015 and found a loading screen, a very early rolling demo and a test sequence for the ship.

Here is also a concept loading screen done by Ned Langman that was recently dug out from his archives:

Concept artwork by Ned Langman

Certainly the game looks great – apart from the test sprites! But it sounds and feels like there is something far more complete out there. That was the last of Darren’s disks though, so it is looking to be down to Stuart now to find more!

Can Stuart dig out his lost gem?…

Contributions: Darren Melbourne, Stuart Cook, Martin Pugh

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