Extreme Force


Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

Yet another game which gets thrown into the archives, brought to GTW’s attention by Jason Kelk, and also released from the man himself.

Extreme Force featured graphics by Julian Francois and was coded by his then girlfriend Amanda Wynne. This is a promising game which plays slightly like a combination of Trantor and Great Gurianos.

The game features massive graphics (especially the main character who is quite impressive) and a reasonable perspective effect on the floor, which was certainly impressive for its time.

Music and sound effects were composed by both Marc Francois and Sean Connolly, though not all the tunes were fully implemented in the game, and only really Sean’s SFX and a tune by Marc have been used in the preview which you can check out.

Playability wise, you mainly just shoot as much as you can, while changing direction at will and crouching to reach the smaller creatures. Pressing space will change your weapons. It basically is at a very early stage in the preview.

Once you reach the end of the screen, you will get a congratulations message, and will encounter a rather neat menu system which was for the game and a superb piece of music by Marc Francois. If you click on EXIT, the game will crash out.

The game was never fully completed, due to Julian and his girlfriend splitting up. Had they stayed together, then no doubt the game would have likely been completed.

It is a shame, as this is certainly a promising game. It would have needed a lot of work to it to make it extra special from the rest, but certainly it was getting there.

Hopefully in the future we will hear from Julian himself, and maybe even his girlfriend to find out more about this cool little preview. But for now, check out yet another game that never was…

A exciting game… though lost along with the relationship sadly..

Contributions: Jason Kelk, Marc Francois, Andrzej Wilk

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