Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5

A nice early promising preview of a Lightforce clone, which although a little buggy in its early stages, has the qualities which made Lightforce as addictive as it was.

Featuring graphics typical of a Lightforce clone, they do let the game down slightly, as being a game from 1991, a little more would have been expected in the department after shooters such as "Dominator" being released 2 years earlier. Sprites aren’t too bad and make up for the slightly bland backdrops.

The music however isn’t too bad, and with the classic gameplay, makes up a promising looking game, which as with others in the archive, never quite made it past its final hurdle.

Another game within the archive with no credits or known details. There are some minor credits on the title screen, which unfortunatly don’t event to much (Due to them being initials).

It has been confirmed that this is no more than a hack of Warhawk, but was it an official hack to be a proper release or just a quick personal hack job?

Do you know any more about this dev?

Contributions: Richard Bayliss

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