Fade To Black

Threshold Productions

Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

When I originally downloaded this unfinished title, I was thinking “This can’t be the same Fade To Black that I played many years ago on my PC?”… And of course, it wasn’t… Not a 3D based game, but a RPG.

This RPG is in a very early stage, with nothing much working apart from a simple map which can be scrolled around in a little window.

There is no linked background or story to this game, but a few credits and that is all. Jon Mines recently got in touch via the comments and detailed that the preview was released by NTSC64.com, pretty much like a cover disk release. It seems that interest was lost in the game’s development.

There was nothing really more to the game, and nothing else will come of the game. Jon has suggested that maybe in the future, the work disks could be released. If that is the case, then we’ll be sure to put them here with Jon’s permission.

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  1. Similar to the Damned entry, this preview was released by the NTSC64.com website, similar to a cover disk release. The label details should be changed to Threshold Productions

    Nothing further will come of this game, maybe in the future we’ll release the work disks.

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