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“Losen your collar, get out your JOYSTICK and get stuck in. By the time you finish you’ll be exhausted.”

This is what describes our next entry into GTW64, which is an x-rated game being sold by Dept CCI called “Fantasy”.

There is little known about what style of game it would have been or is, something along the lines of Stroker? We don’t know. All we know is that the game was sold via adverts and mail order only.

We just need someone to admit they purchased a copy and see if we can get a dump prepared. We now know thanks to “TheyWereOurGods” that the game was actually released – and then in 2016, the game was fully preserved by Atlantis:

Case closed!

Contributions: TheyWereOurGods, Peter Weighill

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Update history

  • 08/09/16 – Case closed, game recovered!
  • 30/03/15 – Company fix thanks to Peter Weighill
  • 24/03/15 – Confirmation that the game was released. Photos added from Ebay auction
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