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In Commodore User April 1988, a news item was printed which tells us that Robtek (Who did various bits of hardware in the day) had an arrangement with an American organisation called Key-punch, where they would get 3 film licences over the course of a year.

Robtek confirmed the first game they would release would be The Terminator, where the Amiga version was a cert, and the C64 version would follow in Autumn 1988.

Neither happened, and we can only assume that the deal/arrangement fell through or something wasn’t quite right. But was anything ever started on either platform, or was this just another vapourware title?

Interestingly another magazine title from the previous year suggested that Robtek had struck a deal to distribute a joystick from Denmark called the Terminator (see scan in gallery). Was it possible that Robtek were trying to see if they could obtain the name via another means to then do an unofficial game on the movie?

More soon on this we hope…

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