Fast ‘n Furious

U.S. Gold

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

From what sounds like a racing game, Fast ‘n’ Furious was infact to be a game based on whizzing across the screen on a magic carpet, where you would have obstacles and monsters to avoid like crazy. The game only seems to have surfaced on the Spectrum… … and was part of a double pack with ‘Thunderceptor’ which also was not released on the C64.

Both games were created by Ernieware, who produced Split Personalities for Domark.

On the first level you simply have to deliver some goods across the desert at very fast speeds whilst avoiding various creatures and baddies. On the subsequent levels the deliveries disappear and you have to do battle with deadly dragons.

It overall got average marks and the main critism was that the games were simply not addictive enough. They looked good, but just didn’t play particularly well. So were we spared from some pain maybe?… Well, consideirng US Gold released a lot of tripe, they would have released this i’m sure had it been finished.

The funny thing is that we do not for certain know if this was to be a C64 release… there has only ever been a very small mention… so did US Gold/Go even consider doing a C64 double pack?

Lots more research needed on this one, but we hope to bring you more on it soon!…

Contributions: Cybergoth, Leszek Chmielewski, Ross Sillifant

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  1. I’ll email you over the C+VG scan mentioning this, along with (further) claims US Gold/GO! had rights tro convert Speed Rumbler.

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