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Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Flight Deck 2 was a cool flight sim game which was released by Aackosoft back in 1986 on the MSX. However, a C64 version was clearly planned, maybe even completed, as the C64 is clearly labelled on the MSX’s packaging.

Aackosoft was a dutch company which actually released a few titles on the C64, though stopped from about 1985 onwards. The first Flight Deck game was actually released on the C64 and was developed by Bytebusters – who did Dawn Patrol as well.

So was Bytebusters also behind the C64 conversion of Flight Deck 2? It would have made perfect sense had they done. They seem to have done Dawn Patrol a year afterwards for Aackosoft.

The hunt begins – we have taken the Bytebuster guys as temporary credits and as a starting point. Can the game itself be found? Was it ever completed?

There is a suggestion that Flight Deck 1 on the C64 was actually the conversion of Flight Deck 2 (which was just an enhanced version of the first game really). Contributor Jeroen confirms that the game was just an enhanced version of the game, so we know what it should be like… but can this improved version be found?

Well, here it is on Retrocollector.org, so we hope to see this preserved very soon!

Case closed!



Contributions: Marco Das, Jeroen, Asphodel

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7 Responses to Flight Deck 2

  1. Could someone please tell me what the differences the “improved version” of the game (still called Flight Deck) in contrast with the first Aackosoft release? (https://www.generation-msx.nl/software/aackosoft/flight-deck/release/1008/) and the C64 version? (https://ibb.co/L1jLrMy and https://ibb.co/HDVdtZg

    Is there any possibilities that the “improved version” of the MSX game is the EXACT the same as the one for the C64 AND Flight Deck II?

    PS: Sorry if I am pretty unclear, but I have no idea how to say this)

  2. Hey people,

    I loved that game….Flight Deck!

    Looking at Generation MSX’s website, Flight Deck 1 and 2 were like……the same game!
    The only footnote it has is (and I quote):
    “Only this time a woman’s voice was used and the maps are a bit larger”

    • Thanks for confirming Jeroen! As they were separate releases, it’s probably worth still trying to hunt for the slightly different version. Though if we never find it, at least we know pretty much what it was like :)

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