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Outpost was to be a new game from a new software house called Frontier Games.

The game was briefly mentioned in a news item by ACE magazine for issue 16 in 1989. The preview shows a screenshot, which could very well be the C64 version itself.

The game’s main format was the C64 – and was to follow on the other formats at a later date. The game in the news snippet was described as a tactical game, where the aim would be to move four marine units and infiltrate a guarded enemy outpost.

Detailed characterization was promised, along with six interlocked missions per game. Here you would have to plan your strategy, polish up your tactics, make the moves and then sit back and watch the outcome in an arcade style animated sequence.

Unfortunately nothing was ever seen of the game, and it disappeared without trace. Initial searching didn’t find anything regarding the other versions or about the game itself. It was like ACE was the only magazine to ever hear about the game!

Do you know anything more about it?

Contributions: Fierman, Andynick

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