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Flyspy is a great little budget title from Mastertronic which was well recieved. You basically control a helecopter inside a super computer and have to destroy it with a nuclear bomb. It was a nice flick screen arcade adventure game. A nice review can be found on Retro Gamer by Seadog.

The game was written by Richard Aplin, and was his first project for Mastertronic. However, it wasn’t his time yet on the C64 and the conversion to the C64 was being handled by someone else.

Unfortunately things didn’t go very well with the conversion, and Mastertronic decided to scrap the conversion. No other version was started and as a result that was it.

We’re not too sure yet how far things got, the reason why it stalled and who was behind it (It might have been Binary Design, but we cannot be sure). Its very early days yet for this one. Sadly Richard Aplin was not sure who was doing the C64 version but if he recalls he will let GTW know.

Do you know any more about this conversion?…

Contributions: Richard Aplin

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