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Status: No Download, Findability: 3/5

Freddy Fish is an arcade game from 1983 that was released for PC in the US by Mirror Images Software.

The game it seems was due to have a Commodore 64 conversion, but was cancelled before it could be complete. We are not sure why at this stage, but the demo disk was within the collection of former developed Chris Oberth, who sadly passed away back in 2012.

The game was up for auction and finished at $203.50 overall – sadly too much for us to try and make a bid to preserve it. It is hoped that the demo will be won by someone who will digitally preserve the disk contents and make available for posterity, otherwise we will need to research more into Mirror Images software and try and trace the demo via other means.

So far we have learnt thanks to Linda Richter that Mirror Images Software was part of a start up from something called the RPI Incubator program in New York. There was also Mirror Images Business Systems that specialised in business software. The only current known C64 work that was done was this game called Boppie’s Great Word Chase. Interestingly this was done in 1985, suggesting that maybe Freddy Fish (done in 1984) may have been cancelled for other reasons than the company closing its doors.

Linda didn’t know about the C64 conversion of Freddy Fish, but passed on some very useful information which will hopefully lead us to more details about the conversion. It seems that Mirror Images Software didn’t last long, and focus was moved to the business operation that was a more profitable overall. This therefore is the likely reason that Freddy Fish wasn’t completed and converted across.

Contributions: Linda Richter, Marco Das

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