Galactic Enforcer


Status: No Download, Findability: 5/5

Galactic Enforcer was a 2 way horizontal scrolling SEU where you controlled a red alien that had to take out other alien enemies. Created by Marc Walters of Cronic The Badger fame, this sounds an interesting title…

Your main ship could jump on creatures on the ground, which the author describes as being similiar to Rygar.

Overall, only one level was completly made with another 6-7 levels planned, but never being defined. There was a level selection page completed where the player would walk into a matter transportation room and select weapons to use.

Apart from the levels, the other bits that needed doing were new alien sprites and code to link everything together.

The game was cancelled in the end, after Marc felt that the game was boring and too limited, so it was cancelled.

The game apparently made a brief appearance on the internet about 13 years ago, so the game must be available from somewhere… but currently its unknown where it is.

Marc still has remains of the game which luckily were salvaged from corrupted disks, so hopefully we’ll be seeing more of the game very soon in some kind of playable and slideshow form.

More soon on this one we hope, including a download!…

Contributions: Marc Walters

Supporting content

Creator speaks

Marc Walters speaks about work on Galactic Enforcer...

"This was a 2-way horizontal scrolling shoot-em-up featuring a red alien taking out the other alien trash. In addition to shooting monsters, he could jump on the crawler types to destroy them like in Rygar, and could use that to bounce from alien to alien. There was a complete single level made available on the Internet somewhere about 13 years ago.

A few other levels were in various stages of completion.

The level selection page, which had the player walking in the matter transportation room and the joystick used to select weopons etc was also complete. Most of the remaining work to be done was the definition of six more levels (8 in total) and new alien sprites, plus some glue code
to link everything up.

Unfortunately my disk drive died a slow at the time, causing track alignment failures without me knowing it, and eventually died. I think I recovered most of the development data and have it all archived. After I obtained a new disk drive I realised that the game was not going to be good enough for commercial release - it was too limited, too boring, so it got shelved."

Marc Walters.

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