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Another later in life C64 game which seems to have fallen by the wayside in the shape of a modernized Galaga clone.

It seems that this particular preview is a little broken, as the background is white and pretty garish. We’re sure that it should be black.

There is a great starfield effect and a few attack waves, before you hit a guardian that you can’t seem to kill.

A great looking game which sadly seems to have been abandoned. Can the coder confirm and shed some light on if it got any further?

Contributions: Richard Bayliss

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Creator speaks

Details from Richard Bayliss regarding the game:

“I like to give you an update for what happened regarding the game, Le
Fantome Vert and Galago

Nori was a scene friend back in time. He did sprites for For Speed We
Need 2. He also joined Crypt and helped me out with a few programming
issues as well.

Now about his game projects:

Galago – had a few previews released (I think you may already had
those). This was a nice looking space invaders preview, which he shared.
I was going to be the musician for that game project. Sadly nothing got
finished at the end with this game. Nori worked really hard on trying to
make a modern day look space invaders game, but he had trouble with
memory issues. There just wasn’t enough memory the assembler, which he
was using could take. So it looks as if this may have caused him to
freeze/give up this game. Also no music was made, as I was actually
waiting for this game to have been finished.

Le Fantome Vert – (Or Green Phantom as translated to English). Nori
showed me this game, and it looked like a very good twist to pacman.
Imagine this, ghosts being chased by giant pacmen. Nata did a great
piece of music, and the preview was pretty much playable.

Both Galago, and Le Fantome Vert looked to be great modern day variants
of two classic arcade games. I am not 100 percent about this, but I am
going to take a guess that the two games probably were canned due to
memory issues Nori had to face up to?… He also had left Crypt in 2008.”

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