Graeme Souness Vector Soccer


Status: No Download, Findability: 3/5

Before Actua Soccer came about, Zeppelin almost beat Gremlin to it with this state of the art soccer game. We say state of the art, but we are assuming it wasn’t that good because I haven’t heard of it before until now.

Volker Malter came forward a while back with an interesting link showing the game cover, but then an image from an old auction which showed the same box with a C64 label on it. It could possibly have been a manufacturing mistake, but it will indeed be worth chasing up and finding out if there is any truth in the possible development.

It would have been a very ambitious game i’m sure. Maybe it was packaging used also to house Graeme Souness Soccer on the cheap towards the end of the C64’s life?… Possibly.

Well, contributor Boris Kretzinger has helped to confirm that the game was just a repackaged version of Graeme Souness International Soccer, after purchasing a copy of Vector Soccer with the C64 label on it. Check out the scan shots. The game is exactly the same and no different, so Zeppelin were just saving money and using the same box.

Case closed!

Contributions: Volker Malter, Boris Kretzinger

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14/08/16 – Confirmed as being the international soccer game. Case closed.

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