Greenhouse (MAX edition)


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A short entry for a Commodore MAX title that was proposed, but never finished and released. NOTE: This game was actually leaked on the C64, but it is the MAX edition which is still at large potentially.

Greenhouse has you having to try and grow as many flowers as tall as possible, without letting weeds take over the greenhouse or the bugs eating your flowers. You need to try and grow up to ten plants in total by turning sprinklers on and off at the top of the screen.

The game was projected to be 4K in size. It isn’t known at this stage if the game was ever actually started or not. Although the C64 edition was eventually leaked out onto the scene, and we assume that it is the same developer as the MAX edition.

Thanks to Anders Carlsson, we have been able to add additional credits, and it is felt that the game in the GB64 archives could well be identical to the MAX game. No one is sure how it managed to leak out though at present.

Was the actual MAX version much different compared to the C64 edition that we know of? If you know anything more, please do get in touch!

Contributions: Anders Carlsson, Michael Tomczyk,, Commodore International Historical Society, LiqMatrix

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23/10/22 – Fix of credits + tidy up of text.

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  1. Hi Frank,

    Sorry if I’m dense, but it says in this article “This game was actually released/leaked on the C64, but it is the MAX edition which is still at large potentially.” Later in this article it is stated “Although the C64 edition was eventually released and assume that it is the same developer as the MAX edition.” So was this game ever officially released on the C64 or just leaked?

    • Apologies LiqMatrix – updated in a rush earlier this afternoon when putting in some credits from Anders. I’ll fix that now. Basically – there doesn’t seem to be an official release (or at least no evidence of one), so it seems to have been leaked in some way. Unclear if that was via PD or in another way.

      • The first port of call would be to see if it was programmed by the usual suspects of that era, e.g. Andy Finkel. However, if it came from a MAX release then it might even have come from HAL Laboratory. The release on GB64 relates it to a Dutch software company.

        • Hi Gaz – this one has been confirmed as developed by Jimmy Snyder. It’s thought that the version out there in the archives at the moment could well be the same as the MAX edition, but its not 100% certain. Hoping to find Jimmy so that we can confirm.

  2. Per Facebook discussions, the concept (?) was by Mark Scott and implemented by Jimmy Snyder. I do believe it is the same game, as later notes about MAX games said it was “complete” but nobody knows for sure how it leaked out. Most certainly not commercially, perhaps through a user group or PD library.

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