Pirate Attack


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A short entry for a Commodore MAX title that was proposed, but never finished and released.

Pirate Attack (a working title) would have you trying to destroy an attacking pirate ship before it destroys you. The game would start with two frigates in battle formation, with a white ship on the left being the player ship.

You would use a canon to reload and set elevation to try and hit the pirate ship before it hits you. You can just try to make the most damage compared to the pirate ship, or ideally sink it before the day passes (indicated by the position of the sun in the sky).

The game was projected to be 4K in size. It isn’t known at this stage if the game was ever actually started or not. We do know that the game’s developer was to be Eric M. Cotton, who programmed Gorf on the C64.

If you know anything more, please do get in touch!

Contributions: Anders Carlsson, Michael Tomczyk, Archive.org, Commodore International Historical Society

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