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I remember first seeing Grubz about 10 years ago and being completely blown away. At last here was a fully fledged Worms clone on the C64 and looking every bit as good as the Amiga original.

Sadly 10 years on it seems that the game has been abandoned and with no sign of it being completed, which is a huge shame as it is brilliant.

With a multiplayer feature as well as CPU players, this may well still get seen some day, but for now it remains in limbo. Will it ever surface?

Hopefully we’ll hear from the coders sometime and get confirmation on the plans for the game.

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  1. Hm you think having a blueprint they could have built off that one. It’s a shame as the 2004 one was quite impressive.
    Good luck with the new version though, it’s quite a task!

  2. It indeed is a new development by a new person (8 bit Dude Productions): there is a playable preview now on csdb and it is clearly written from scratch and not “continued”, apart from having the same title (I would have changed it to prevent misunderstanding). So this title is not to be continued apparently.

    • That’s pretty interesting! It seems to be a new development by another group, so i’d probably keep this entry open and eventually we can link to the other completed version.

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