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Some of you may remember a little game from the covermount of Commodore Zone some years back, called Quota, which was a neat little game in its own right. Created by the talented Chris Young in around 1989, Chris had previously been working on a game before then called Gyroshoc.

The game was a bi-directional horizontal scrolling shoot-em-up which featured a orbital object around the player. This was the idea of none other than Jason Kelk, whom worked for Commodore Zone and also is good friends with Chris Young from a long time back.

The game was based loosely on ideas from Dropzone and Wizball, amoungst other popular games of that time. Not much else in terms of the game itself is known at the moment, but more will be shed one day.

Luckily Jason Kelk managed to find a 90% complete version of the game from his disks, which although not the final version, which has possibly been lost, features most of the game and has bugs and no sound.

Currently at the time of the news of this game, Jason was to tidy this game up for the covermount of Commodore Zone, which has sadly left us recently. Which now leads to the question if the game will still be completed or a preview it may eventually remain. Jason says that the game hasn’t been completed yet, but he started tidying it up. The game has the problem of consuming too much memory at the moment..

An almost certainty to establish itself in the archives eventually..

Contributions: Jason Kelk

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