Tank Division


Status: Full Game, Findability: 3/5


A short entry to GTW64 which has been highlighted thanks to Richard Bayliss.

This very strange entry is currently attributed to being a release by Zeppelin Games in 1992, but there is no evidence that it has seen a proper physical release.

The game itself is very simple – two tanks are based at either side of the screen, and you just have to shoot at each other. It is a sort of simplified “Combat”/”Pong” clone, but with no AI second player.

We believe that that game was likely submitted to Zeppelin, but rejected for being too simple overall. With no credits currently to the game (apart from “Alpha Production” being listed), this might be tricky to find out what happened and if it was a legitimate submission.

If you know anything more about this game, please do get in touch.

Contributions: Richard Bayliss

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