Half Life

Cyberdyne Systems

Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5

A relatively unknown game which was being developed by Cyberdyne Systems in their early days as a simple game to make money while they produced larger titles.

Half Life shares it’s name with the award winning 3rd person shooter of today, but this particular game has nothing to do with it.

‘Half Life’ was born many years before and doesn’t really bear any resembalance to it. As if you hadn’t already guessed that! :-)

At the moment we don’t know too much about the game and will hopefully find out full details in the future, but we know that the game was to be an adventure/shooter type game according to Robin. This was first mentioned in an interview with the Cyberdyne guys a few years back.

We can confirm that John Kemp was to do the coding, but we don’t believe that much (if anything) was started for the game. In December 2010, we backed up a load of disks and found the sprite files which Robin did, and which you can now download. Hopefully at somepoint we will sort a sprite demo, but here is a quick preview in the AR sprite viewer:

As you can see the sprites are multi-colour with a hi-res overlay, and apparently this would have looked a pretty awesome game overall. The disk label can be found here too.

We think this one got shelved due to work on other projects and the team moving to System 3.

More soon on this one we hope…

Contributions: Robin Levy, John Kemp

Supporting content

Available downloads

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