Italian Night 99


Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

A game i’m sure my friend Vinny would have liked, and so would many Italian’s i’m sure :)

Another potential great from the Italian game giants Simulmondo, and a nice looking icon driven adventure game.

Unfortunately, you can only look at was going to be, as the preview is only a rolling demo, featuring two shots of the actual game.

I haven’t actually seen this game mentioned in any press over here in the UK, but maybe someone from Italy has heard more on this game, possibly from the Italian version of Zzap?…

Well, GTW receieved some information that the game was to be a kind of action adventure which was heavily influenced by the movie Blade Runer. A few preview shots at the time were actually scans from publicity photos of the movie.

According to rumors, Simulmondo got into a bit of trouble over a deal with a book publisher. Italian Night 99 got caught up in the mess, and was never to be seen again. It was rumored that Italian Night 99 was a faked game, but Marco Das found an advert in 1000 Miglia for the game (see scans), with text that translated as follows:

Italian night 1999
Milan, February 18, 1999
Subject: Assignment # 220 (on accident investigation)
Investigator: R. Duomo (CYBORG SIMULATED)
Investigation # 220 commissioned by Carmen Erni, S. Ambrogio 4
Informations about the event: See attachments
Note: The deadline for the handing over of the report: 08.00 of 19 February 1999
Dynamic: Beware off cyberpunks and interactive women

Dr Strange/Atlantis in late 2014 confirmed with the author that the project was dropped just after the first preview released.  No further development was made on the game.  It was dropped due to lack of time and interest.   Sadly any development disks with the game are long gone, so this is pretty much all that now exists.

Pretty much a closed case now!

Contributions: Dr Strange/Atlantis, Walter Rossi, Marco Das

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22/02/15 – Marco Das provides an advert scan of the game!

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