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After the success of Last Ninja series and Vendetta, System 3 were to take the old formula and use it in their next game, “Haunted”.

Similar in looks to Last Ninja, this game was a problem solving style game called. This was rumoured to be in the pipeline around the same time as Silly Putty and Fuzzball.

Never released, down possibly to the fact that Fuzzball and Putty were put on ice due to the demise of the C64, this probably suffered the same fate.

How far did this get before it was scrapped?… who was even working on this game?… Chances of finding the game are slim, as System 3 mostly had their staff store their work onto PDS, which has probably been wiped a long time ago.


Mark Cale confirmed that the game was actually started, and was using the Last Ninja engine – like Vendetta did. Unfortunately the coders (who we don’t yet have names for) were not quite up to the job and the game was scrapped.

We hope to find out more soon, about how far it got and if anything can be saved!

Contributions: Jazzcat, Mark Cale

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03/11/15 – More details about the game thanks to Jazzcat and Mark Cale!

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  1. :-) and…Haunted..If this interview ever gets done, it’s either going to be one of the longest i’ve ever done or shortest if they don’t want canned games dragged up.

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