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Heartbreaker 64

A game that has been discussed on the Lemon64 forums for over 10 years, but somehow we missed it. Heartbreaker was a game by CBE in 1984 and was discovered by YouTuber Polaventris.

A very intriguing Pooyan style game, its origins are not quite known. Apparently the game was found on a bunch of disks purchased from someone in Finland.

When Polaventris was asked to preserve the game, it was sent to a forum member in 2012/13, but unfortunately this was the only copy and hasn’t since surfaced. It is a huge shame, and it is hoped this wasn’t the only copy left in existence.

We wonder if perhaps CBE was not a company, but refers to the initials of a developer behind the game. That score panel also looks quite similar to another too.

We will try and do some more digging soon when we get more time, but if you have any more information in the meantime or any suggestions who CBE might be – please do get in touch.

Contributions: Lemon64.com, Lenny Bronstein

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