Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5

Erm… Naff is the first word for this game, if you can call it a game.

I’m not sure if this was done for the heck of a few points to some cracking crew, or if this was ever intended as a game in its own right. But it’s certainly not classifiable as a ‘game’ just yet.

All we have is a rather poor sprite which just moves about, and thats it. Nothing to blast or see, apart from some plain informations and scores, not that they add anything to this abysmal preview.

A serious amount of work is needed here, and its unknown if it ever recieved this work or not. Lepsi are known to have done some nice little C64 games to keep the users happy in recent years, but this does not rate as their most promising preview.

Can anyone shed more light on this game?


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