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Status: Full Game, Findability: 4/5

Imperium was a game by Jörg Schließer which was mean’t to be published by the Tronic Verlag, and like Captain Stark has not been seen anywhere.

This game was told to be a SF-RPG, described as unique on the German RPG market. It received very high ratings.

The aim was to guide a party of 4 characters through a mission, which was divided into three levels. The screen arrangement was as in Ultima. There were lots of sounds and little graphics and lots of features mentioned.

A shame that a finished RPG doesn’t seem to have made it, and the reasons are so unclear to why Tronic Verlag let this game go.

Or did they actually release it?…. A full game is here to download, but can anyone claim to own an original?

Well, contributor LDX#40 confirms that they bought the game back in the day from German magazine ASM. The game came in a plain white box with just an ASM sticker on it (as you can see in the scans – same label as the disk). LDX#40 has very kindly made scans of the disk and manual, which you can now find below.

A good little RPG from Tronic Verlag…

Contributions: Zeldin, Georg "Endurion" Rottensteiner, LDX#40

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Update history

29/11/13 – Added instructions and disk photo thanks to LDX#40

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  1. I’ll scan the manual tomorrow and send it over. I’ll also check my old ASM issues if I can maybe find the original ad with the order information.

  2. I actually bought this game back in the day, from German magazine ASM. It came in a plain white box with just an ASM sticker on it. Box is unfortunately gone, but I still have the instructions in German and I probably have the disk somewhere in the basement also. I can do scans/ photos if there is interest.

    • Hi there – that is very interesting! It certainly would be great if you could source some photos and scans when you have time. Sounds very much that the game did indeed get released, albeit in limited numbers. Great to have that confirmed! – Updated review and added a credit. Thanks! :)

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