Imperial Bodyguard

Crystal Software and Electronics

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Crystal Software and Electronics were an ambitious software house trying to save the C64 gaming market back in 1997 with a large range of planned releases. Sadly it wasn’t to be, and as with other companies – it was found not to be a financially viable proposition to try and make money out of the C64.

Out of the newly planned titles was “Imperial Bodygard” a C64 game which was described in adverts as follows:

“This game places you in the hide of a bodyguard to a VIP. Act accordingly and save this man/woman’s life by shooting perpetrators and fighting off molesting fans. If the project is continued it will be avialable early February 1998.”

“In this game you get to install protection equipment, decide and execute tactics to protect your clients. If anything happens to any of your clients, it is you who get the blame…”

This is all we currently know about the game, so its early days and we hope to find out more soon about this one!

Did it ever get started?…

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25/01/23 – Manager details added.

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