It Came From Hell!

Shaun Pearson

Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

It Came From Hell was to be a sequel to the cool Bomber game that was given away with Commodore Format many moons ago. This was to feature the same kind of thing, but with vastly improved graphics.

Shaun recently found his work in 2011, and mentioned the following in the production notes on CSDB:

"Created pre 1997:
Vidcom 64/Omega [1986]
Released 2011

Some graphics created for "It Came From Hell" aka: Bomber II
The whole scene was inspired heavily by the Robert Williams painting "Appetite for Destruction".

The plan was to have an orange monster rise up from behind a fence, and begin spitting out mini skull and crossbones. The Player would be required to catch the skull and crossbones using a contraption linked to the centre of the Earth. Failure to capture a skull and crossbones would have resulted in the mini creature to hit the pavement and exit the screen to either the left or right, and contaminate the Earth.

The I.C.F.H. Logo was to be displayed over the Background using sprites. The Logo would have alternated with a Hi-Score Table.
The I.C.F.H. Logo was included as part of Forgotten and Found 2, although I also appears during GFX-Col.1 [logos]

The Background was deliberately drawn to be easy on the eye, and use pastel shades of colour, to contrast with the Sprites.

I was never really happy with the original Bomber graphics as they were created in a hurry. "It Came From Hell" graphically offered a better game.
Sadly no code ever happened."

Unfortunately as a result, this is it!…. graphics for a project abandoned before any code could be written. It is an interesting glimpse though of what may have been, and we assume what could have been a covermount game for Commodore Format very late in the day.

Case closed!

Contributions: Shaun Pearson

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