Katapult Kidz


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Again from the Commodore Format diaries, another Apex title which fell by the way side.

This time, Katapult Kidz, a two player horizontally scrolling arcade adventure based around schoolboys armed with catapults and causing general chaos. The characters were based on those used in Squish, H20 and Destruction brothers. Although coming along slowly, it seems that inspiration was not too strong with the game and Creatures 2 was requested anyway by Thalamus to be developed, so it was shelved.

After Creatures 2, they never went back to the game, which suggests that the Rowlands became bored of the idea and moved on. A shame. We only really have the screenshot of one of the sprites, but maybe we’ll see more one day?

This is what Apex said from the original article…. "Designed at the same time as Squish, this was a horizontally-scrolling arcade adventure based around two pranksome schoolboys armed with catapults. These schoolboys were based on the characters from Squish, H20 and Destruction Brothers as we thought they
were cuter than a really cute thing on national cute day. This was axed from the Apex schedule to make way for Creatures 2 (out now on cassette and disk)"

The Rowlands have all their disks, sadly packed away in storage…. and it may be a long time before they are dug out again to search for code/sprites. It might happen one day, but due to their busy schedule in the mobile gaming market, it could be a rather long wait.

Will anything be found of this game one day?…

Contributions: Andrew Fisher, Mort

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