Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

This game looks to be a Space Invader/Mega Phoenix clone in updated fashion, and it isn’t that bad. The background graphics and sprites look quite good.
Even though the preview is simple, it plays well and just has a good feeling about it… not many C64 previews do.

It has been found out recently that the game was infact a rip-off of an old game by Tomi Malinen called "Space Demons", featuring exactly the same sprite. The game is exactly the same apart from different graphics and title screens.

Not sure if this was just done to get a quick crack release, or if someone was actually trying to finish the game. Tomi had started making Space Demons as a full game when he was 15, but his C64 broke down back in 1995 and he quit programming the C64 as a result. He had placed up the game back in around 1999, when he transferred all his work disks to PC.

We certainly know that the game will never be finished, and this is pretty much it.

Case closed…

Contributions: Tomi Malinen

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