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A very quick entry until we get more information, but when Sales Curve was first started out, one of the first titles they were to develop was a conversion of Kid Nikki.

However, the idea was very quickly dropped and instead they decided to convert Silkworm instead. Although Warren Mills was initially set to do the coding duties, SCi pulled the plug early on.

However, Ned Langman confirmed in an interview (See Creator Speaks) that he completed all the graphics for the conversion. He confirmed it was neither completed or released. At the moment sadly all the graphics are missing, though we hope that they may still exist on Darren’s disk collection. Ned does not recall ever seeing a moving demo of the game.

Quicksilva later did pick up the game and produced a fairly average conversion which can be found in Gamebase 64. It is pretty terrible!

So what of the UK version though that Sales Curve were due to release? … can anything of it be found? We shall see..

More soon on this one we very much hope!…

Contributions: Warren Mills, Fabrizio Bartoloni,

Supporting content

Creator speaks

From a question from’s interview with Ned Langman:

Q: How did you end up getting a job at Random Access? What kind of interview took place?

“I’m not sure I can remember an interview. The company was just starting up and a friend of mine worked there, and he just sort of got me in there. My first job there was to convert an arcade game called Kid Niki, Radical Ninja which was a sort of weird cute Shinobi style platformer.

I produced all the graphics for the C64 but it never got completed or released. It was very easy to get work in those days as the industry was in its infancy and nobody had very high expectations. In fact, nobody knew what to expect!”

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