La Venganza del Toro


Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5

Also known as: Bull's Revenge


Even after over 25 years of running the archive, we still encounter many surprise findings which were never known about – and which is a huge part of the fun of running GTW.

Contributor Retroboy got in touch in early March after buying a collection of C64 tapes from Spain. Six were “Your Computer” tapes (with all games preserved), but two others were just regular blank user tapes.

One of the tapes contained several files, and the most complete of all was an 18 block file called “La Venganza del Toro”. Mostly BASIC code with some machine code routines, it’s a very early preview which is controllable via a joystick.

There is no sound, no score, credits or any details – so seems to be a work in progress, or potentially just a title that was being done for fun. You can simply move the bull around on the screen and run into five standing toreros, who then appear in the sky.  Hitting all of them will make “OLE!” appear in big letters.

It’s a fun little finding, and hopefully we can learn more about it – such as who the developer was and what the plans were. Did it ever get any further? Maybe there is a full game out there waiting to be found.

Contributions: Retroboy

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