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Also known as: Futris / Future Tetris


Our next entry into the GTW64 database is a title which has been long overlooked for many years, and has been highlighted by Richard Bayliss.

The first time I heard of the nice looking Columns clone was from its release on Commodore Format’s Power Pack 37. It was listed as a PD game, and came from Hex Heroes public domain. However, it firstly wasn’t PD at all – but was also incomplete too!

Never noticed at the time, but when you run – there’s even the crack intro from the group “Awesome”.  Back in 1991, many different cracking crews had released a preview of the game and it seems it snuck into a PD library.

What is particularly funny is that the CF team clearly didn’t play the game that much, apart from to set some instructions and get some screenshots. The game is playable to a degree, but the score and bonus doesn’t work – and the game never actually ends.  Once it fills up with blocks, they just continue to drop.

The question is now though about who was behind the game, and what happened. Was it intended for commercial release and did it ever get any further?

What is interesting is that an earlier preview has been out there for some time called Futris (short for Future Tetris), which doesn’t include any of the status panel areas. It also doesn’t clear the blocks like with Blockie – suggesting that Blockie may have been someone trying to tidy up the Futris preview and finish off.

However, this Futris preview is from 1996 and not 1991 – so was it therefore someone just hacking around with Blockie to make a new crack?

In the meantime, it has inspired Richard Bayliss to tidy up the game and finish it off into a full title as a self learning experience. This will be added at a later date to the site.

If you know anything more about the original game, please do get in touch.

Contributions: Richard Bayliss

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06/07/22 – Link made with Futris, a preview released 5 years later, but an earlier preview. Very odd!

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