Legendary Deed


Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

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Legendary Deed is another powerful RPG game in similiar vein to those created by US Gold around the same time.

The preview is unplayable, but shows a series of screens which build up the game. Graphically, all looks nice and suitable, making a good looking and exciting RPG game.

This was likely to have been based for a big release in the commercial world, but fell through for some reason. Possibly the company went bust, as did many at that time.

It’s unknown if the game reached a playable stage, or how much was actually completed.

The preview does not consist of any credits, so this one is going to prove a tough search for the GTW team, and any help in finding out more on this game will be very helpful.

Can anyone do the good deed and tell us about this game?…

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  • 2 Responses to Legendary Deed

    1. Sky25es says:

      There’s a guy that made the intro for the Dyadem Software Project: https://soundcloud.com/c64steel/dyeadem-intro

      Maybe it’s a good starting point for searching…

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