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This was to be yet another Liverpool licenced football game, but a budget title.

Strangely this was announced at a similiar time to when Grandslam were working on their first Liverpool game. Where as Grandslam signed the entire squad for its game, Video Images had signed the club for its budget label – Impact.

The game was to be developed by the same guys who did Exceleron … so what happened to it?

Did Impact go under before anything could surface? …. Was anything actually started?

Well, Impact came from the ashes of Video Images and brought the licence to Liverpool FC. However, Impact didn’t do anything with the licence after paying 1 year of a 4 year deal. The rest of the licence was sold to Ocean Software – who also sat on the licence and never did anything with it. Of course, we found remains of the Ocean Liverpool game which eventually turned into Adidas Soccer.

So that was that! … Nothing was ever started, and production moved to Ocean. Case closed!

Contributions: Dean Hickingbottom, Dave Colley

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Creator speaks

Dave Colley recalls obtaining the Liverpool FC licence:

“It was around the time of the (Video Images) split, I signed Liverpool as you and Dave (Bradley) moved on. Impact had been a consensus of the three of us though. No game came out however as I moved to Manchester and opportunistically sold the remainder of the licence (I’d only paid one year of the four year deal) to Ocean. As far as I’m aware Ocean sat on it and didn’t release the game in the end.”

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