Make My Day

Barbarian Games

Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5

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Yet another surprise finding on the personal disks of Cory Kin. Make My Day is a diagonal scrolling western game which was being produced by CNetter “Gem“, who we believe was in touch with Cory at the time and sent through a demo of his up coming game.

We guess that this may have been Gem’s first and only attempt at trying to break into the commercial gaming industry, and Make My Day certainly looked to be shaping up very well.

Even at an early stage with little interaction, the game features some basic scenary and characters wandering around – feeling a little like Ultimate’s Outlaws, but at a diagonal perspective. You can reach the end of the map, and have to shoot a main character before you go onto the next level.  In total there seems to be about 4 level maps (including a desert), but the level counter goes up to around 39 according to Vinny Mainolfi.  Titles are all in place, though there is no music present.

We are not entirely sure who the game was intended for, or if Gem had presented it to any companies to gather interest. The only clue is the Barbarian Games credit, which we believe was Gem’s development group name.

To find out more about the game – we need to establish who Gem, Jonathan and Neil were exactly and try and get hold of them to pick their brains about this title. Cory will hopefully be able to help fill in some gaps on this, and may even recall some details himself.

But for now, check out this preview which may have been the last remaining copy in existence of the game… we’ll see.

Contributions: Vinny Mainolfi, Martin Pugh

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