Cory Kin

Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5

Our next title is the beginnings of what seems to be a sideway scrolling shooter produced by Cory Kin. The title on the disk for the source file was called Navadon.

There isn’t a huge amount to see just yet, but the game seems to consist of two sprites bolted together top and bottom. The background graphics are just letters, painted to form Cory’s name. There are sprites in the bottom area which could have been intended for the score, powerup panel or maybe just to get all the sprites on screen. Interaction is non existance, the game just scrolls and you can shoot.

So what was this game going to turn into? And why was it cancelled so early on?

We will be speaking with Cory soon to find out more about this early title and what the plans were for it. Was it to be a Transbot clone maybe?
Watch this space!

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