Master Blast

Carl Coffey

Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5

Whilst sifting through Cory Kin’s disks, one of the (many) surprises was the finding of several demos which were produced by Carl Coffey, who many of you will recognize as the developer of the original Soldier of Light game for ACE and also Wheelies.

Master Blast was one of the findings, which is actually a full game produced by Carl – and feels very much like it could have actually been written by Jeff Minter. It is very clear that the replication of Jeff’s style is intentional. The game itself is fairly simple, but is a fun 5 minute blaster with lots of colour and effects throughout.

It is surprising that a game in this state never managed to surface until now (no trace has currently been found of the game online). Did Carl just write this for fun, or was it ever passed onto anyone?

We are currently speaking to Carl at the moment to try and find out more about the game and what the intentions were for it. For now, check out this cool Jeff Minter inspired blaster!

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