Manhatten Dealers


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Another beat-em-up clone which was planned for the Commodore 64 back in 1990, and another one which never got to see the light of day.

Manhattan Dealers was released on the Amiga/ST platforms and was a relative success, but not on the scale of other similiar beat-em-ups. The game was a side-scrolling beat’em up where you play a detective trying to stop the drug dealers. You would take packets of drugs to the fires/braziers on the level to earn extra energy! 16-bit versions feature digitised sound.

First news of a 8-bit conversion came when Zzap magazine posted the following in their review of the game:

“The 8-bit versions should be on the streets by March or April, no doubt having some graphical and audio differences, but with the basic gameplay unchanged.”

This sadly was all that was ever mentioned about the game and a 8-bit conversion. Neither spectrum or amstrad users got the game either. ACE magazine also had mention of 8-bit versions in their Atari ST review (see scans)

We don’t know how far exactly the game ever got, or if it was even started. This is another early days title where so much needs to be found out about it. Maybe someone will know something about this game?

More soon we hope!…

Contributions: Ross Sillifant

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28/05/14 – Added scan thanks to Ross Sillifant

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  1. The Games Machine mentioned it being expected on the big 3 8bit machines (C64/ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC), but they seemed to expect these versions in Feb’98….

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