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Status: Preview, Findability: 4/5

Yet another title from Backroom Software, and one of their earlier developments that has been flagged up by Dan Warren. It is believed that Backroom Software was none other than Steve Dunn, who did various C64 games such as Better Dead Than Alien! and Call Me Psycho.

This is a strange downward scrolling shooter game, which reminds me a little of Bounder due to the bouncing character. You can shoot a lot of the background and some odd animating blobs on the ground. There are also a number of neat attack waves to blast too.

Overall, its very early days and glitchy, but seems like it has some promise. Clearly though it must have been abandoned for other work that Steve would go on to do and see released.

Steve recalls that the game was simply intended to be a cartoony mix of Bounder and Commando – an interesting combination! Similar to the idea in Blast, Steve wanted more things that could be shot. In those days, Steve suggests that backgrounds didn’t play much of a part in game mechanics, and he wanted therefore the ability to blow everything up that could be seen.

Unfortunately he couldn’t recall anything more. An interesting curiosity to check out though, and we hope to learn more about it soon – maybe there is a later version yet to discover?

Contributions: Dan Warren, Steve Dunn

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25/07/20 – Steve Dunn gives a few details about the game.

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