Cargo run

Luna Software

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

UPDATE – Case closed, game is in Gamebase under a slightly different name:

Advertised back in 1983 along with two other games that were released and are currently in Gamebase64, Cargo Run is unfortunately missing.

The game was described by the advert like so:

“With your Commodore 64 computer plotting the precise coordinates for this dangerous mission, prepare for the most engaging video battle of your life. Three separate and highly detailed scenarios mean 48K of memory is required to present CARGO RUN, the most sophisticated game now available on the Commodore 64.”

Didn’t all the adverts suggest this at the time about their games?

It is unknown at present if this game was ever actually sold at all, or perhaps didn’t make it due to Luna collapsing. The company didn’t seem to release anything beyond 1983.

More information needed, and yet another one to try and find and preserve.

Contributions: Peter Weighill, Fred Sookiasian

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Update history

05/02/2020 – Confirmed as released. Case closed.

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