New Clowns


Status: No Download, Findability: 4/5

A game brought to GTW’s attention by contributor Zeldin. Zeldin had coded a very early (but playable) demo version of a game called “New Clowns”.

This was to have been a polished version of the old classic “Clowns” arcade game which had been converted to the C64 by Commodore.

Unfortunately Zeldin told GTW that the preview was lost and that he may only have some buggy source code, some sprites and an early backdrop.

Hopefully one day Zeldin will allow us to post screenshots of what’s left, and possibly anything else. Though it has been some years now, and its likely that this one could be gone for good.

A nice idea, sadly long lost in its good stages…

Contributions: Zeldin

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Update history

11/03/23 – Quick tidy up of the page and link to released game.

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